Manual patch rules of survival

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Rules of Survival is barely over two months old, but already the battle royale has garnered over million downloads and boasts 15 million daily active players.

In the latest update, which makes the game available globally, the devs have cooked up some exciting new content including brand new weapons, Fearless Fjord map, Valentine's event and more.

New Terrain - Fearless Fjord is a new 64 square km map that includes several new kinds of terrain such as swamps, gardens, and mines.

Mines - Some regions of Fearless Fjord will have randomly placed anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. The trigger range of the mine can be seen on the ground. Location of mines can be check on the map. While the map downloads, players will be able to play on the old Ghillie Island map.

Hovercraft - this vehicle can travel on both water and land. New Firearms - Ton of new guns come to the Fearless Fiord. Check out all the new weapon types and stats below. A Russian small-caliber rifle with high-accuracy burst fire.

This weapon supports both automatic and single-fire modes. Single-fire mode damage is second only to the AKM. A classic American SMG with high stability, high fire rate and low damage. It has a small magazine and relies on the Ext. A Belgian-manufactured SMG that is balanced all-around and does not need many attachments to suit different types of combat.

A semi-automatic sniper with higher damage but also higher recoil than the SVD. However, the recoil can be better controlled by attaching a grip. Bolt-action sniper rifle that comes with a 4x scope. Does more headshot damage than the AWM. Semi-automatic shotgun that can be equipped with a muzzle and low-powered scope attachments to increase stability. A single-fire shotgun that does a lot of damage and has a longer range than the other shotguns. If equipped with a shotgun choke, will have good mid-range damage as well.

The magazine only holds one bullet, so the weapon relies on the capacity of the bullet belt to make it better.

Valentine's Day Event - Players complete missions to earn rewards. During the event, in-game bandages are turned into roses. The Valentine's event will also feature a love letter mode, where players can write down their innermost feelings and use them to confess. New Gold Coin Arena - Here players be given gold coins to carry on them.

You can see our complete guide on this new arena, here. Underwater Breathing Function - Players can go underwater in shallow areas, which will then start to consume the oxygen bar. After the bar is empty, players will begin to take HP damage. Vehicles piloted in water will also move slower. Knock-Out Rewards - If a player logs out of the game while knocked out, the person who knocked them out will be awarded the kill. Better Vehicle Seats - Players can now choose which seat place to sit on when entering a vehicle.

Custom Room Limit Increase - Increased the limit of players that can enter a custom room to Rules Of Survival's latest update brings new Fearless Fjord map, guns, Valentines event and more to players around the globe. Find out everything that changed in the February update, here. Rules Of Survival latest update brings new Fearless Fjord map, guns, vehicles, Valentine's event and more. The latest Rules of Survival update adds the player fearless Fjord map. The latest Fearless Fjord map comes with a ton of new firearms including assault rifles, SMGs and more.

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manual patch rules of survival

How to Play Rules of Survival on PC Complete Guide (Working)

December 21, at 8: I tried pressing conintue multiple times. Device Initialization failed when clicking the play button in PC. Now there are customized buttons added to the settings. Even i have energy drink its so slow but the other players run very fast.

Rules of Survival: Patch Notes On July 25th 2018

July 22, at 6: If you keep it, your sprint speed will be developed. December 26, at 2: No bro,i just installed it today,same problem occur.

Rules of Survival Update

manual patch rules of survival

There, you should set the Quality to LOW and work your way up if you have no connection problems. Send me solutions or advice at my email please. Completion time is an estimate and may run longer, but we will do our best to get back up and running ASAP. While using medicine, only the player's equipped firearm will be temporarily hidden and not the firearm on their backpack. Therefore, you should disable both the microphone which is disabled by default and the option to hear your real life opponent or team mates talking by tapping the small icon to the right. Im in the same problem, i thought it was my phone but I see you guys have same problem. You can now use it with various sights, such as red dot, holo, or 2x scope. Is there anyway I can fix this or will it just not work with my device? Check to make sure you have a fast and stable Internet connection. The it said please click confirm. The default is on all computers except for those with certain graphics cards. Bolt-action sniper rifle that comes with a 4x scope. Do you have a anti-virus or firewall active? Made an optimization to several details of chat as well as mail systems.

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