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I know from the many emails I'm receiving that people are a bit disturbed since the Oracle Lifetime Support Policy brochure Lifetime Support Policy and Brochure for Technology Products doesn't talk explicitly about patch sets but offers support for Oracle But this - as always - applies to the terminal patch set only - i. For a detailed description please see MOS Note: I have visited customers with hundreds of Oracle If you are now sitting there with one or many or many many Oracle The amount of work you'll spend in evaluating Oracle Move to Oracle Database And keep in mind: Every patch set release is a full release - no matter if we talk about Both have new features, new behavior etc etc.

Why not upgrade to This way you get the full realm of support until And I see your point of the application certification. But if SAP could certify Ask them the question please ;-. And again, the tests for Now do the math: As someone who bought into this hype and moved from I can't begin to describe how livid I am that Oracle would force customers to upgrade to a product that is so clearly not ready. Believe it or not, our teams has helped and helps customers every day, from smaller shops to large insurances including In-memory.

I never say that Still this is no guarantee to hit no issue at all - that's why proper testing is highly recommended for every environment of importance. No offense but my experience of dealing with upgrades and migrations in the past 12 years is often that proper testing is a big no-go in many shops for obvious reasons: Time, effort, costs, test environment, license costs for any pro testing tool etc etc.

I can see that. I have seen this many many times. Believe it or not, you'd have seen the same number of issues with Otherwise our reference customers Roy, myself and our team have helped to go live wouldn't be happy and still alive. Again, I can repeat my offer: Send me a list of your SRs or at least the issues you have seen and I'm happy and eager to learn from your experiences.

Plenty of variety across all of these databases - some small, some large, some RAC, some single instance, some became pluggable, some became single instance, some were 24x7 with DataGuard, cross-site mirroring etc , some were less critical.

So pretty much the whole gamut of possible scenarios were in there. And I can say that the experience of moving from 11g to 12c has been overall a very positive one. Like any upgrade, the aim is to capture that knowledge during testing, which was what the client did in the main, but due to tight schedules some of the testing was curtailed on the understanding that we'd need to be extra sharp and reactive should we see these issues in Production.

I know this comes across as a "well, it worked on my machine" style comment, but thats not the intent. Its sad that other's experiences have not been as positive as mine, but all I can say is - my perception as both a non-Oracle employee and as an Oracle employee of the move to 12c has been a very happy one.

Just to mention this regarding the above comments and no offense to anybody - we are all hard working people: Until now I haven't gotten any list of SRs or at least issues to comment on see the above comments. I really will need a list of issues or even better: SRs as otherwise a statement saying "12c is just crap" is not useful to anybody. I've emailed the list of SRs to Mike just now. I tried to include Connor as well but my guess at his oracle.

Dear Sir, I am student and I want to practice upgrade from oracle I have not any licence because i download for my learning purpose but I want to do upgrade practice because I face a interview and they put question about upgrade. Is there any licence requirement to download update release or it is free from oracle website. You should find any answer in here: Means no extra fee required. Still in this case it won't help you for We have been using 11g R2 forms and forms builder.

We are planning to migrate the database to 12C. Is the 11g forms compatible with 12c database? Oracle Support Document This question reached me a week ago: Upgrade your Database - NOW! Archived Database Upgrade Blog. Patch Recommendation September 2, Mike Dietrich Master Product Manager.

Just in case you've missed the date please be aware: Commenting is closed on this post. Ask them the question please ;- And again, the tests for Don, I have seen your tweet and I can just repeat my offer to check your SRs and issues. But no "show stoppers" were discovered. Hope this helps, Connor. Connor, thanks for your comments and the insight view into your experiences. I appreciate this a lot! Please guide me I am beginner in oracle. Thanks and Regards Basant Kumar.

Basant, as far as I know you can download and test everything you want. But I'm not a license person. Cheers and all the best Mike. Hi, We have been using 11g R2 forms and forms builder.

oracle database 11g patch

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People are acknowledged for Security-In-Depth contributions if they provide information, observations or suggestions pertaining to security vulnerability issues that result in significant modification of Oracle code or documentation in future releases, but are not of such a critical nature that they are distributed in Critical Patch Updates. Indicates the patch to be rolled back. On the other hand, you can install an online patch in just a few seconds. Oracle Construction and Engineering Suite. Table Lsinventory Options for Standalone Patches Option Description all Reports the name and installation directory for each Oracle home directory found. Napply OPatch performs an automatic rollback, then an apply.

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 - Patchset availability

On Unix, use touch to change the timestamp. Oracle Database security fixes are not listed in the Oracle Fusion Middleware risk matrix. Indicates the path to the patch location. Oracle Communications Core Session Manager. The product area of the patches for the listed versions is shown in the Patch Availability column corresponding to the specified Products and Versions column. This vulnerability can be exploited through sandboxed Java Web Start applications and sandboxed Java applets. This chapter explains how you can patch Oracle Database. Patching in a Real Application Clusters environment is slightly different compared to patching a single node. None of these fixes are applicable to client-only installations, i.

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oracle database 11g patch

Regular patches typically contain. This question reached me a week ago: For attacks that require certain privileges or access to certain packages, removing the privileges or the ability to access the packages from users that do not need the privileges may help reduce the risk of successful attack. Some of the risk matrix rows in this section are assigned multiple CVE s. Sign in Create an account Help. This content has been marked as final. Credit Statement The following people or organizations reported security vulnerabilities addressed by this Critical Patch Update to Oracle: Oracle provides many ways to list patches: This option does not perform any make operations. Both of these vulnerabilities may be remotely exploitable without authentication, i.

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Oracle database 11g patch
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