The witcher 3 patch 1.31

The witcher 3 patch 1.31 - Free Download

Witcher 3 Patch 1. Lethath67 Jun 1, , 1: Hello, I have been trying to fix this issue for 2 days. I've never had this issue in the past until I reinstalled it a few days ago to play it again. As I am moving there is a Micro Stutter all over. I have tried all the recommended solutions on the internet, every different setting in my Options and from recommendations on Youtube ect but have found NO solution.

What the hell is going on? I know my System can handle the game on Ultra so why all of a sudden is there stuttering in game? More about witcher patch stuttering issue. Lakken Jun 1, , 2: I had the same stuttering on other games before. The reason for me was that a program was running in the background and caused my CPU too high. Didnt know which program, so I started to check programs in task manager. If it was in Windows folder, I let it be. But was in another folder that had nothing to do with name.

I stopped it for running Found the program, uninstalled it. It turned out I had gotten a malware program on my pc 1 month or so before the stuttering started. Dont know why it was dormant for so long. I am not an cpmputer expert And remember to check for viruses and malware once in a while.

Lethath67 Jun 1, , I ran the MSI Afterburner, temps were fine, scanned my system and found nothing. Game is still stuttering. Can't find your answer? Carnaxus Jun 2, , Ask a new question.

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the witcher 3 patch 1.31

Witcher 3 Patch 1.31 Stuttering Issue

Introduces modification whereby potions and bombs can no longer be sold. Alchemy formulas and crafting diagrams can be "pinned", meaning all components and ingredients required to make them will be conveniently marked in the Shop panel. Fixes issue whereby quest titled Reason of State would be labeled as failed in Journal despite having been completed. Phantom of the Trade Route. Fixes issue whereby wraiths failed to spawn as intended during fight against botchling in quest titled Family Matters if Axii Sign was attempted and failed. NPCs maximum level is But was in another folder that had nothing to do with name.

Patch 1.31 (The Witcher 3)

Rebalances the prices of maps that can be purchased from merchants. Fixes rare issue involving incorrect progression of quest titled The Tower Outta Nowheres. Fixes issue with occasional malfunction of Superior Thunderbolt potion. Improves overall game performance in Bald Mountain location.

the witcher 3 patch 1.31

New Finisher Animations subsequent to installation of Patch 1. I know my System can handle the game on Ultra so why all of a sudden is there stuttering in game? Fixes issue whereby nonfunctioning icons were displayed in DLC list. Fixes exploit whereby Aarding a beehive towards the dwarven blacksmith in White Orchard was poss ible. Fixes issue whereby Sofus took crowns instead of if player agreed to fight during quest titled The Play's the Thing. Adds missing name of mutagen obtained by looting noonwraith dilled during quest titled Contract: Visual Fixes appearance on screen of unwanted visual artifacts after Geralt was teleported to new locations. Fixes rare issue whereby quest titled Gwent: Improves game performance during quest titled Va Fail, Elaine. Fixes issue whereby decoy gwent card could leave residual value on game board. Improves game perfromance on lifting of curses in quests titled Soldier Statuette and Nobleman Statuette. Fixes multiple instances of duplication of interaction icons on trapdoors and ladders. Fixes issue where player could be trapped between certain buildings in Oxenfurt. When is patch 1.

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The witcher 3 patch 1.31
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